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Welcome to Liz Edmondson Law, PLLC

Liz Edmondson Law, PLLC is devoted to helping clients solve environmental problems. Liz has years of experience helping individuals and community groups protect their property. Our firm believes that if your property is damaged by the negligence of others, you should be justly compensated. We can also help you negotiate leases and easements, advocate on your behalf in permit challenges and land use and zoning decisions, and lobby in the state legislature or at the local level on behalf of your non-profit organization. Liz Edmondson Law, PLLC also focuses on appellate practice. If you lost your case at the trial level, contact us to have an appellate attorney review your case.

In addition to traditional legal representation, Liz Edmondson Law, PLLC also provides consulting services to other attorneys, non-profit organizations, and businesses. These services include legal research and writing for attorneys, conducting policy analysis or preparing white papers on legal or policy issues for non-profits or local governments, and advising businesses on practices that protect the environment or on complying with laws and regulations. Click on the links to the right to learn more about these practice areas.